Private Charters

Guests visit beautiful isolated locations experienced by only the fortunate few. Baja Charters provides ALL INCLUSIVE cruising to remote coves and beaches on the inside Sea of Cortez. This is the area famously known as the World’s Aquarium. According to Nature.Org, the inside Sea of Cortez is the second most biologically diverse marine environment on the planet. An intimate cruise features snorkeling with an array of tropical fish over shallow tropical reefs, swimming with sea lions, or whale sharks in season, strolling remote beaches, exploring,  kayaking, scuba, etc.

Baja Charters provides quality chef-prepared meals on board with an open bar, served by a skilled and educated crew. A marine biologist is typically your hostess and snorkel leader. Everything is included: snorkel gear, wet suits, and kayaks  along with a snorkel boat for getting up close to sea life in its natural environment. Reef-friendly sunscreen, bottled water, beer, sodas, and a variety of snacks are all provided, along with private bathrooms, fresh towels, and private showers. Join us, for the Experience of a Lifetime.

night time beach

Overnight Charters

Baja Charters’ private overnight charters aboard Pacifica, a 96’ triple-deck, adventure-style cruising yacht, is best organized for a private couple up to a maximum of nine guests. It is the perfect adventure vacation. We are not a cruise ship, we are focused on private nautical activities. Guests are serviced by a crew of four, or more, depending on the activities intended. Guests explore deserted islands, visit remote beaches, bays, and coves. Enjoy fantastic snorkel and scuba locations, swim with sea lions and tropical fish. Snorkel with whale sharks (October through April), or Giant Mantas (July through mid-November), splash with Mobula jumping Rays, enjoy world-class deep-sea fishing. (Scuba activities are available for open-water certified guests, at an extra cost, as is our Sports Fisher with tuna tower, outriggers, fighting chair, etc.)

We are not a typical Overnight cruise provider! We do SO MUCH MORE!

coral reef and tropical fishes

Discover a quiet peaceful cove on a stand-up paddle board, move amongst mangroves in a kayak, scuba the most remarkable reef imaginable, head out on our tender to see all kinds of sea life and visit a remarkable island bird sanctuary. Your hostess is a marine biologist. Your chef provides great food, all kinds of beverages, AND an open bar. There are wonderful areas to lay-out, relax, read a book, and enjoy a drink, surrounded by stunning views.

There are hundreds of beaches and bays scattered amongst the myriad islands of the Gulf of California, widely known as the Sea of Cortez. Snorkel or scuba the incredible Cabo Pulmo Reef. This is the Number One restored reef in the Western Hemisphere! Visit the outer bay and seven beaches of the fabulous Balandra. Anchor at Ensenada Grande on Holy Spirit Island (Isla Espiritu Santo). These are the finest beaches in Mexico. Quiet and secluded, they are breathtakingly beautiful.


Fish for your dinner of tuna, dorado, yellowtail, bass, grouper, and wahoo. Your chef will prepare ceviche and fish anyway you like. If you are not a fish-eater, we have steak, and chicken, and a host of marvelous vegetable and fruit dishes, along with baked goods. (We’re also vegan and gluten-free experienced.)

Cruise and explore the incredible inside Sea of Cortez. We have the perfect yacht and crew for you. Spend nights at anchor in deserted coves under star-studded skies. Shine lights in the water to bring up the swirling schools of Mobula rays. They are not dangerous; you can literally swim amongst them. Stroll a deserted white sand beach. Swim with a friendly sea lion colony, chase tropical fish around corals, and enjoy the peace and beauty of it all.


Variable Departure

Sunset charter runs 3 hours

For more than 10 people add $35 per guest

(Guest capacity 50)

$2,650 USD
*Plus Tax


Departure 9:00 AM

Half day charters run 4.5 to 5 hours

For more than 10 people add $85 per guest

(Guest capacity 50)

$3,850 USD
*Plus Tax


Departure 9:00 AM

Full day charters run 8.5 to 9 hours

For more than 10 people add $95 per guest

(Guest capacity 50)

$4,650 USD
*Plus Tax


Departure 10:00 AM

Overnight Limit: 9

Guest capacity 50)

$6,500 USD
*Plus Tax

Does this sound familiar?

(A Truly Unique Yachting Experience)

You would really like to go out for a few days on a private, all-inclusive, yachting vacation, and explore deserted islands, beaches, bays, and coves. Someplace really amazing like the inside Sea of Cortez, one of the last great cruising grounds, and the 2nd most biologically diverse marine environment on the planet. The trouble is your significant other wants to go deep-sea fishing, and maybe scuba an incredible reef, and dive a ship wreck. You’d rather snorkel with whale sharks, swim with friendly sea lions, walk remote and deserted, white sand beaches, and lay-out and relax in private, on a real ocean-going yacht.


Both of you would like drinks served as you cruise remote islands and watch the incredible views glide by. Perhaps one or the both of you, would like to take time and try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding in a quiet cove where no one sees you fall, or use kayaks to explore some mangroves, corals, and play with colorful tropical fish. So, we’ve got GREAT NEWS! All of these options and more, are included with Baja Charters multi-day private charters of the southern islands in the Sea of Cortez. Along with our 96’s, triple-deck, cruising yacht, Pacifica, comes everything you need to make your dreams come true.

We have it all and we do it all!

There is nothing else like it. No one does it like we do! You decide. We provide.


Five Day, All Inclusive, Private Charter

Normal Departure 9:00 AM, or as guests prefer.

Includes: Ground transportation to the yacht and back, our 96’ triple-deck cruising yacht, certified licensed crew, chef, high-quality food and drink, an open bar, private sleeping salons with bathrooms and showers, fresh laundered towels, kayaks, water toys, a large and powerful snorkel-dive boat, certified island guide, fishing gear, snorkel equipment, and typically a marine biologist as hostess, teacher, and snorkel leader.

On Board Overnight Limit:
9 overnight guests

$24,500 USD
*Plus Tax

Ground Transportation

Typically, guests are picked up directly from the lobby entrance of their hotel or resort, but not always. Depending on a number of factors, guests may be requested to meet ground transport in a central location.

We are Baja Charters

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